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Authentic Mexican Recipes are in very high demand in restaurants and homes all across the United States and the world. Mexican Recipes can be a lot of fun to prepare and you are almost ensured that your guest will be happy with the results.

Mexican food recipes have many classic favorites such as Mexican rice recipe, Mexican salsa recipe, Mexican salad recipes, Mexican shrimp recipes, Mexican soup recipes. All of these are often very inexpensive to make and contain a lot of healthy foods for your family.
Authentic Mexican Recipes
This authentic Mexican Recipes site is dedicated to bring you recipes that include authentic Mexican foods. Mexico is a country rich in culture and deep in traditions. Mexican culture reflects the complexity of the country's history through the blending of pre-Hispanic civilizations and the culture of Spain.

Mexican cuisine is known for its intense and varied flavors, colorful decoration, and variety of spices. Most of today's Mexican food is based on pre-Columbian traditions, including the Aztecs and Maya, combined with culinary trends introduced by Spanish colonists.

As is most countries Mexican food recipes have found new form over the years. We now see what is called New Mexican cuisine. Well known New Mexican dishes are: enchiladas, burritos, cheeseburgers and bagels

Authentic Mexican food is thought to have derived from the Mayan Indians who were traditionally nomadic hunter-gatherers occupying the Yucatan area in Southeast Mexico. It is safe to say that Spain has had the biggest influence on today Authentic Mexican recipes because it is after their conquest of Mexico that the Spaniards introduced new livestock such as pigs, cows and sheep as well as dairy products and several spices.

The staples of Mexican cuisine are typically corn and beans. Corn, traditionally Mexico's staple grain, is eaten fresh, on the cob, and as a component of a number of dishes. Most corn, however, is used to make masa, a dough for tamales, tortillas, gorditas, and many other corn-based foods. Squash and peppers also play important roles in Mexican cuisine.

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